Translating Emerging RNA Editing Mechanisms into Therapeutic Reality

*The 2022 event has now run. Thank you to those who attended. More information about the 2023 event will be released soon. For more information please email* 

As CRISPR genome editing works to overcome the challenges of delivery and specificity in the pursuit of therapeutic application, the RNA editing field is exploding with new approaches and partnerships. The RNA Editing Summit is the only industry-led meeting dedicated to emphasising the research and therapeutic opportunity of RNA editing.  

The 3rd Annual RNA Editing Summit built on its previous years to deliver a speaker faculty of industry and academic leaders looking to accelerate the translation and commercialisation of RNA editing for an array of research and therapeutic applications.   

The conference focused specifically on the latest approaches in RNA-editing systems and the targeting molecules used to direct these agents to sites of interest. 

The interactive discussions focused around the core challenges for this field, including: 

  • The fundamental mechanisms of RNA editing  
  • Mitigating against off target editing 
  • Optimising guide RNAs 
  • Identifying the right chemical modifications of editing oligonucleotides to increase specific and stability 
  • Preventing immunogenicity and toxicity of different delivery mechanisms. Hear exclusive pre-clinical and disease specific models as experts strive to make RNA editing a therapeutic reality 

RNA, functional genomic and cell biology experts from large pharma, biotech and academic attended the 3rd RNA Editing Summit to solve these challenges and bring the therapeutic potential of RNA editing to rare diseases, oncology, neurodegenerative, and neuropsychological disorders and many more.

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