Welcome to the 5th RNA Editing Summit

Pioneering RNA Editing Drugs Towards Clinical Realities

Despite remarkable advancements, such as Wave Life Sciences pioneering the first clinical candidate and significant investments like Ascidian Therapeutics securing $40 million for their RNA editing pipeline, challenges persist in optimizing delivery and ensuring treatment longevity for new RNA editing therapies.

Scheduled for June 2024, the 5th RNA Editing Summit is set to address these obstacles head-on. Our updated agenda features fresh content and an enhanced pre-conference focus day, spotlighting brand-new advances towards the clinic and strategies for targeting beyond the liver. With an 80% brand new speaker faculty, including companies such as AIRNA, Amber Bio, Radar Therapeutics, Splice Therapeutics and more, explore the latest breakthroughs in ADAR editing, RNA trans-splicing, gRNA-free editing, and RADAR technology.

Join leading companies like Wave Life Sciences, ProQR Therapeutics, Korro Bio, Shape Therapeutics, EdiGene, and more as we convene industry experts and thought leaders. With over 80 technical and strategic minds coming together, this summit promises data-driven presentations and interactive discussions to propel RNA editing therapeutics through the clinic and toward regulatory approval.

Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of RNA editing innovation. Secure your spot at the 5th RNA Editing Summit today!

What's New for 2024?

Clinical Program Update

Hear about the first-ever RNA Editing clinical program from Wave Life Sciences, helping you and your team accelerate your RNA editing therapeutics through the clinic and increase your chance of success

Brand New Focus Day

Overcome targeted delivery as one of the main challenges holding back RNA editing from becoming clinical reality with a full day of data- and discussion- led delivery content to increase durability, potency and specificity of your RNA editing drugs

Fresh Insights and Brand-New Data:

With 80% brand new speaker faculty from new companies such AIRNA, Amber Bio, Jorna Therapeutics, Radar Therapeutics and Splice Therapeutics, access innovative strategies including, but not limited to, machine learning, screening tools, ADAR, RNA trans splicing, and splice switching to unlock RNA editing broad therapeutic potentials by addressing what were previously undruggable targets

Your RNA Expert Speakers:

2024 Partners:

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