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Optimize RNA Editing Technology to Safely Deliver Novel Payloads, Enhance Potency & Durability to Achieve Clinical Validation in Patients Faster

July 11-13, 2023 | Boston, MA

4th RNA Editing Summit

Accelerating RNA Editing Technologies into the Clinic

The 4th RNA Editing Summit will welcome first disclosures of exciting data with important learnings being communicated so the field can advance toward the clinic.  Expect exclusive data from KOLs on the most recent developments in ADAR, APOBEC, CRISPR-Cas13, Cas7-11, and exon editing.

Join 80+ thought leaders from the likes of Wave Life Sciences, ProQR, Shape Therapeutics and Korro Bio to stay ahead of the curve and tap into the therapeutic potential of RNA editing and accelerate clinical validation.

Our 2023 RNA Expert Speakers Include: 

What to Expect?

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26+ World-Class Expert Speakers

80+ Attendees

8 Hours of In-Person Networking

3 Pre-Conference Deep-Dive Workshops

1 Scientific Poster Session

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