About Event


RNA editing is reaching an inflection point and is rapidly being discussed, invested in, and adopted by the industry.   

The 3rd RNA Editing Summit remains the only industry-led meeting showcasing the recent developments of RNA editing mechanism and dedicated to realizing the research and therapeutic opportunity of RNA editing as quickly as possible.   

The meeting offers a wealth of relevant content covering everything from the fundamental mechanisms of RNA editing, to mitigating against off-target editing, to pre-clinical models, to the plethora of clinical applications showcasing disease specific models.  

In the 2022 event, attendees: 

  • Learned how Shape Therapeutics identifies guide RNAs that enable efficient and specific RNA editing of clinically relevant targets with endogenous ADAR.  
  • Discovered how Roche are effectively bringing down the length of oligonucleotides while still maintaining editing across targets. 
  • Uncovered how Edigene are significantly improving their on-target editing efficiency by engineering specific elements in their platform LEAPER 2.0. 
  • Explored exclusive pre-clinical model case studies from AdarX, Edigene, and Locana Bio. 
  • Explored how RNA editing is being used in specific disease models, with exclusive insights from Alcediag, InsideOutBio, Wave Therapeutics, and PROQR.