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Following exciting collaborations between Eli Lilly and ProQR, GSK and Wave Life Sciences, Roche and Shape Therapeutics,  RNA editing continues to gain excitement in the biopharmaceutical industry. With clear advantages over DNA editing, from reversibility to ease of being turned into a therapy, RNA editing has the potential to become the next frontier therapeutic modality.

As the field poises to enter the clinic in 2023, the time has come to tap into the full potential of RNA editing as a therapeutic modality and uncover how RNA editing can be used to modulate protein-protein interactions. The 4th RNA Editing Summit returns as the only industry-dedicated meeting, bringing together 80+ Directors, Heads and VPs of Platform Biology, Genetic Medicines, Discovery, RNA Technologies and Innovations.

Top Sessions You Cannot Miss:

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Discover the first clinical candidate for RNA editing to help accelerate your candidates towards the clinic with Wave Life Sciences


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Explore the recent advancements in delivering the RNA editing machinery to target cells to minimize off target effects with GenEdit, Sapreme Technologies & Nebraska Medical Center

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Harness the power of machine learning & data models to elevate the efficiency & selectivity of RNA editing & enable more accurate target discovery with Shape Therapeutics, Korro Bio & Arrakis Therapeutics

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Uncover the impact of chemical modifications & synthetic biology tools on the potency of RNA editing oligonucleotides to increase durability & efficiency with ProQR & MIT


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Understand how RNA editing technologies such as ADAR, APOBEC, exon editing & splice switching of antisense oligonucleotides influence delivery, gene activation & downregulation in rare disease with Ascidian Therapeutics, QurAlis, Feldan Therapeutics & MiNA Therapeutics



"It was a stellar lineup of speakers and high quality data discussion.”

Previous Attendee, Vice President of Research & Development,
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"Nice opportunity to gain more understanding of diverse perspectives and approaches in the field.”

Previous Attendee, Associate Director of Platform Biology,
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"Informative and enlightening experience with relevant peers.”

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Who Attends?

If you are an RNA enthusiast and have an interest in the therapeutic potential of RNA editing as a therapeutic modality, this is your prime opportunity to attend and engage in open discussion with 80+ thought leaders and decision-makers from biopharma and solution developers. Hear from 25+ speakers sharing transformative unpublished data to help drive your pipelines forward.

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