Why Our Speakers Are Excited:

“I hope to hear breakthrough discoveries in the area of RNA editing research, in particular RNA editing-related therapeutics and share thoughts with the experts in the area. I also hope to work with industry leaders to translate our recent findings on RNA editing into therapeutic reality”

Polly Leilei Chen, Principle Investigator and Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

"As basic scientists, the question we most often ask is “what does this do and how”? To happen to be interested in something that can also be immediately and widely useful as a tool is a rare opportunity. Targeted RNA editing is exactly such an opportunity. RNA editing, through the recruitment of endogenous enzymes, is a far simpler therapeutic proposition than DNA base editing (through CRISPR and CBE/ABEs), and substantially more effective already.  It’s been fantastic to see freshly minted basic science transition from “hmmm.. interesting” to “wow, useful!”  in the hands of biotech colleagues. I learned a huge amount at the last RNA editing therapeutics meeting and am truly looking forward to the next instalment this Fall!”

Nina Papvasiliou, University Professor and Division Head, German Cancer Research Center

“RNA editing has many achievable and beneficial therapeutic applications. Only by working as a community will we realize these opportunities”

Alan Herbert, Founder & Head of Discovery, InsideOutBio

“Meeting such as this that bring together academic and industrial participants are very important to realize the translational potential of basic discoveries such as RNA editing.  I would be looking forward to hearing different perspectives on RNA editing, especially those related to therapeutic  applications”

Bora Baysal, Professor – Anatomic Pathology, Roswell Park

“It will be a great connecting venue for academia and industry working in RNA editing”

Shizuka Uchida, Professor WSR, University of Louisville